Dr Veronica Fowler
Dr. Veronica Fowler
Principal Research Investigator
“It is extremely hard to win an argument with an intelligent person, it’s impossible with a stupid person” - Bill Murray

Dr Veronica Fowler has spent more than 17 years leading research projects in the field of animal health and welfare, and has published more than 25 scientific papers in peer review journals, including the only two which have scientifically evaluated Monty Roberts’ methods using Monty as the trainer. Veronica possesses an BSc in Animal Science an MSc in Equine Science and PhD in Virology (Animal health). She has held scientific roles both at veterinary institutes and non-government organizations involved in veterinary based capacity development dedicated to improving animal welfare in developing countries. Veronica is extremely passionate about progressing understanding of animal welfare using high quality scientific research, but is very concerned that poor scientific studies are being published in increasing numbers, and are being further disseminated as fact without critique.